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hey so i don’t really want to do this but i’m desperate and i can’t really draw but like i could draw you a picture or write you a short story thing because i’m pretty good at writing something like commissions but the point here is i’m visiting my sister for the next couple weeks and she is totally out of food. she has like enough diapers and baby formula for her daughter, so that’s good, but she doesn’t get her food stamps until the sixth and her cabinets are literally empty so idk if you want something in return or w/e but this is a donate link so if you do like donate a dollar or two just let me know if you want something, really im just trying to raise enough so we can walk to the dollar store or something and buy a big pack of ramen noodles to last til the sixth so yeah i’m sorry for spamming up your dashes with this i wouldn’t do this if i wasn’t desperate. read about why she’s out of food here.

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Sailor moon a la mexicana :p

Lo hice por diversión, talvez haga a las demás?

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MAMORU???? MAMORU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DESIGN FAV SAILOR MOON i haven't even watched this anime i love it this is super perfect
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jk rowling unilaterally writing that not a single member of slytherin house fought in the battle of hogwarts and instead every single one of them hid like cowards is honestly one of the laziest most flaccid writing decisions of our time

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Game of Thrones Star Natalie Dormer’s Comic-Con Photo Diary

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Rocket Raccoon!

My take on @skottieyoung’s version of the character. His comic is pretty amazing. Excited for the movie next week!!

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I can’t and I won’t get over this cat. I’m drawing it. I’m making everyone else draw it. No one can capture its majesty.

The colorful drawings are mine. The Star crew had a game night last night, and I made everyone who was there draw their version of the cat in Evon’s sketchbook. The last one is a quick doodle my friend Emily did.

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quetzalpapalotl asked: ★, I guess, you are the first nb with whom I interact, so I'm not used to think of people like that. Since you go by male names and refer to yourself with Prince, Mr and the like in essence you seem a bit more boyish. If we are talking about appearances though, I think you look more like a girl.

Now you mention the name thing, it’s pretty funny ‘cause Jim is from “Jimena” that as you now is feminine but Jim is masculine in english and I just like that makes it sort of gender-neutral to myself.

But yes, I aim to androgyny in a way so thanks.

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